Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SEO Do's and Don'ts - SEO Best Practise

SEO is the much debated topic on the net and lets discuss the important do's and don'ts in SEO here.

1. Provide unique, fresh and compelling content which makes both users and search engine appealing.
2. Keep an eye on usability / design.
3. Target more relevant and more specific keywords.
4. Provide unique title and descriptions which best match your webpage.
5. Don’t forget Image optimization. (Alt Tag, File Name, Content around the Image)
6. Make use of header tags.
7. Do provide descriptive title attributes for links.
8. For better natural link building, vary your anchor text.
9. Keep your keyword density strict.
10. Make and present the website for users rather than search engines.

1. Don’t submit your website to search engines. One good external link would do the trick for you.
2. Don’t use all Flash sites. (Even though search engines started indexing flash files, all flash site would be a night mare for you to rank all targeted keywords)
3. Avoid using frames / ajax.
4. Don’t obsess on Page Rank.
5. Don’t target more general keywords like “Attorneys”, “Games”. It perhaps very difficult to rank.
6. Don't allow your website to get trap in canonical issue. (www and non www version URLs)
7. Don’t use unethical ways to increase your keyword density. (Hidden Text, Footer Links etc…)
8. Don’t use third party tools to query search engines. (Specially Google)
9. Don’t over use internal linking and don’t take it as granted.
10. Don’t delay your SEO Process. SEO implementation should be there from the day you would start scratching the line for your new website / updating your website.


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