Tuesday, September 23, 2008

General Blogging Checklist

You must have come across checklist for almost all things you do in SEO. Say for example On Page, Off Page, Online Marketing all would have a solid checklist. But I often think that there is very less importance given for blogging checklist. I wanted to draft everything here under this one post. Please do read and share if you would have any other thing to be included. Keep in mind the following points before pressing "PUBLISH POST" button.
Select your topic wise: Selecting your topic for your post would be a more crucial one. Don’t just think about something and finish it off. Take up a topic in which you are well versed or what users want from you.

Write in your own style: Write your post in your own style. If you are comfortable presenting the post in more graphical way (charts, graphs etc…), you can go with that as that gives users more colorful feel and look. If you are very good at language, you can present your post with bulleted points with some brief description.

Give importance to your users: Always treat your users wisely. Allow them to participate in comments section and when honor them with a backlink. (Do follow links in comments.) Do reply for the comments you get. This will help you to gain returning visitors for your blog.

Provide a way to contact you: People may want to contact you and ask something; maybe just a sincere "thank you" for something you wrote. It's just nice to have that available.

Present in a friendly manner: Present your blog post in a friendly manner. This can be achieved through splitting up the content into small paragraphs, adding cool images etc.

And finally if you have provided any external links, double check them that they work properly. The above list includes only general blogging checklist. I would try to publish a blogging checklist in terms of SEO sooner.


chaitanya said...

Blogs are really informative and Blogging is always fun (Heard never felt b'coz I am not an active blogger).

Let me tell you all why I liked this posts b'coz I never heard or read about Blogging check list. (Mercy how did you get the idea)

“Checklist” I am really scared of this term whenever I make a mistake first question from my manager Why didn't you follow the "CHECK LIST" (never bothered)

Ok let’s discuss business

I work for Zeta Interactive and my profile include social media monitoring i,e analyzing blogosphere and their business impact on brands .

so, on a daily basis I read many interesting blogs discussing various topics ranging from girls to granny.

According to me

For blogger to be more successful apart from following above check list she/he should be

1. Able to communicate his blog objective. (What can be expected from the blog).
2. "About yourself" should be impressive.
3. Presentation should be perfect no grammatical errors.
4. Track back option should be provided.
5. Should be consistent in terms of blog posting.
6. Should be able to reply for all the comments in sportive manner.

Happy blogging Mercy

All the best,

Mercy said...


Thanks for the wonderful comment. This itself resembles a blog post(isn't it?).

I feel allowing trackback would increase the blog spam!

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