Thursday, September 11, 2008

Social Media Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an upfront trend in SEO, SEM industry. But what does it mean for SEO guys? What are the great advantages this new marketing method has? Social media can engage your audience, increase your online visibility, helps you create your brand awareness, generate publicity (both good & bad), so SMM does has its own SEO benefits. But it doesn’t convert.

I would say the following would be the greatest advantages from SMM.

  1. Brand building

  2. Relationship management

  3. Product development

  4. Reputation management

  5. Customer interaction

  6. Customer feedback

  7. Customer support

  8. Community building

The only disadvantage with SMM is some time your own marketing strategies would backfire you and build a bad reputation amoung your customers / visitors online. You can bury the bad reputation with the right customized reputatation management services. We would see about this (Reputation Management) in another post. I would conclude this saying, Social Media is a powerful medium and it’s a powerful way enable communication between the company & customer.


chaitanya said...

The next big thing on online marketing would be framing campaigns for social media.

used properly social media have capability of garnering higher profits and greater brand awareness.

But while framing campaigns for social media most of the marketers face difficulties like

1. Measuring ROI.
2. Social media is vast and uncontrollable by nature.
3. Falsepositives may always affect the quality of the message. (backfire what mercy talks about).

I never heard about Reputation management services it would be helpful if you can discuss further about the topic.


Mercy said...

@Chaitanya - Yes people spam social media rather than putting up a complete planned campaign and generate profits.

Regarding Reputation Management, I will try to design my next post on that! :)

chaitanya said...

Thx Mercy,

Look forward for nest post


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