Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Google pagerank is not important

People in SEO industry generally obese with Tool bar pagerank. But I would say, its not the one to look for. I wanted to list few points regarding this.
1. Toolbar pagerank is not the real pagerank which Google uses to calculate anything about our website.
i) Myth - Website with high pagerank ranks high in SERPs.
ii) Myth - The quality of the webpage cannot be determined by just seeing the pagerank(PR)
2. Lower PR sites outrank higher PR webpages easily in SERPs.
3. Try build links from your related sites and sites which will be interested to your visitors, your PR will automatically move up.
4. Reaching the goal should be the final verdict rather than finishing up just making up a higher PR website.
5. Getting relatively higher traffic for your website for the related search query would be the best verdict.
When we see the toolbar goes high in green it always makes smile in our face. That even happens to me! But the bottom line I wanted to share is I don't obese with Google PageRank. It’s just a single metric used by one search engine!


Elan said...

But still peoples are very crazy about getting full green in toolbar for their websites.

Even some clients are posting project as "Need to increase PR 5 from 3" - I feel pity for them!

Mercy said...

Yes elan(go)! Thats the pretty funniest part!

marie said...

What is the best tool to monitor web traffic and are there any tools to mointor social media marketing traffic? also any hints on the best sites to get links?

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