Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Track Flash with Google Analytics

Online marketing campaign success can only be measured with metrics like how many clicks, sign ups that particular page received. Flash embedded ads and widget attracts more users and advertisers are also more interested towards such online marketing ads. But till date it was very difficult to measure the success rate with Flash Embed ads. Now again none other than the Big G (Google) in collaboration with Adobe introduced a new way to measure these metrics. "Tracking Flash with Google Analytics".

This gives both advertisers and publishers the below mentioned advantages.
  • Track ROI across campaigns with fine-tuned statistics
  • Easily monitor clicks, actions, and length of user participation
  • Know exactly where to find the most passionate users and target efforts with advanced demographics.

This feature is just a translation of present Google Analytics code in ActionScript 3 programming language. Google analytics official blog post explains about this in detail. I am sure this will be pretty cool news for people involved in Flash / Flex technologies and development.


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