Friday, November 21, 2008

Bloggers guidelines from Google - Nothing New!

Google has recently come up with SEO starter guide which created a great round of applause from fellow webmasters and people in the SEO field. Following this Google has today released best practice guide for bloggers. As like earlier version, its not a PDF version and its been given inside Google webmaster help section.

Google has categorized them under three.

1. Create great content

2. Make sure users and crawlers can find your content

3. Blog and webmaster tools.

Upon reading the guidelines / best practices I don't find anything very new coming out from the mouth of Big G. The only thing I find stand out from other points are Google is informing bloggers to be conscious with affiliate programs. Other things mentioned by them are pretty common and every blogger is following now a days. Say for example, good content, sitemap, webmaster tool, participating with fellow bloggers, rss etc...

What do you guys think about the guidelines from Google?


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